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The Benedictine Fund is the cornerstone of our fundraising programs at Benedictine Military School. Each year, the annual fund creates opportunities for students and faculty by funding critical operating needs such as scholarships, faculty development, facilities maintenance, technology, and campus ministry. Ultimately, these funds are critical to sustaining our ability to make Benedictine Military School accessible and affordable to deserving young men.

Gifts to the Benedictine Fund, regardless of the size, provide an extraordinary education and formational experience which molds our Cadets into exceptional young men. Your generous donation will sustain BC both today and for many years to come. On behalf of our students, faculty and staff, thank you in advance for your support!

New "Class of the Year" Formula

How can your class earn the coveted “Class of the Year” title? For the last few years, it was simply based upon the number of donors who contributed from the class. Now, we’ve refined the formula to include total number of donors, percentage participation, and dollars contributed. Every class has a serious shot at the title!
June 30 will continue to be the deadline to participate each year, but now a point system will be used. The top ten in each of the three categories (number of donors per class, participation percentage, and total dollars contributed) will be assigned a point value. #1 will get 10 points, #2 will get 9 points and so on for each of the categories. The class with the highest cumulative total will be recognized as the Class of the Year.

"CLASS OF THE YEAR" Past Recipients
2021-22  1966 & 1975
2020-21  1976
2019-20  1975
2018-19  2001
2017-18  1980
2016-17  1980
2015-16  1980
2014-15  1980
2013-14  1961
2012-13  1976
2011-12  1987
Miles McGinty '14
"It is important to give back to BC because, as alumni, we are a part of helping continue a brotherhood that is bigger than just our own diploma. These donations don't simply go to a new building or a football stadium, they go to the continuation of a tradition that anyone who has or will graduate from BC will share in. Even small donations could be the difference in helping one more student be a part of one of the greatest traditions in Savannah. "