About us

All of Gpk电子游戏官网's services are dynamically connected to optimize your business to the greatest extent。

Our goal

Our system combines state-of-the-art IT technology with fintech,
To provide you with the highest level of product quality and service。

About Managing members

Our engineers and design team are all from the industry elite,
They've been in the industry for years,
He has rich experience in global business operation。

About The Office

Gpk电子游戏官网's office promotes creative thinking and open discussion,
This has allowed us to grow quickly in a competitive industry。
In Gpk电子游戏官网's corporate culture,
All employees working together can learn and improve from other members,

Companies really put their employees at the center。

Global awards

We are very grateful to our customers for their recommendation, and we will do our best to achieve the expectations set and become the best company in the world。


The most innovative white label solution provider

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Global Brand Awards

Best white label solution provider

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Global Financial Derivatives Conference

Best financial technology solution

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Financial Solutions

Gpk电子游戏官网 is proud to release our user-friendly software, which is built by our team of highly experienced and industry-level engineers。

These systems can be dynamically interconnected and customized to provide optimized solutions for your business。The software systems and programs offered by Gpk电子游戏官网 today are listed below。

  • Customer service
  • CRM
  • The IB system
  • MT4 / MT5 bridge provider
  • MT4 / MT5 manager/client
  • MT4 / MT5 web transactions
  • Web version/mobile version
  • Mobile version MT4 / MT5
  • Risk control system
  • 24 hour technical service
  • AD/marketing plan
  • Liquidity provider


All of Gpk电子游戏官网's systems are organically linked to optimize financial operations。

The Gpk电子游戏官网 system is a combination of IT and financial technology that is supported by Gpk电子游戏官网's advanced technology and services。It is recommended that Fintech enterprises use this system to optimize their business processes and improve their operational efficiency。



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  • 207, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

  • info@mohairpear.com

  • +82. 02. 555. 5156

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